Labor Day + Chuckwagon Races = VBC Fun

Every year, Van Buren County is host to the National Championship Chuckwagon Races from Thursday through Sunday over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

20000+ Participants and fans come to the city of Clinton, AR from across the country to have a good time and to compete. There are six different race categories run by a variety of horse, pony or mule and wagon weight, size, occupancy combinations irregardless of weather conditions. Most of the teams consist of at least a driver and a cook, though there are others such as the "outrider" who must stay astride his mount and finish ahead of the wagon in order for the team to qualify.

As one of the largest equestrian events held in the US it is not uncommon to find over 5000 such animals in attendance, and not only as wagon teams.
More information on event schedules, registration, directions etc. can be found at:
Chuck Wagon Races Homepage