CodeRED Weather Alerts

Van Buren County provides a service to our residents called CodeRED Weather Alerts. (This service is already paid for and registration for it is completely voluntary). 

To Sign-Up:
Either Call the 911 Coordinator's Office @ 745-3911 to have the registration done for you (or come by the office at the County Annex in Clinton, behind the DMV).
You will be asked to confirm your name, address, and phone number(s).
(This option is the Preferred method and is best for those without Internet Service or who would rather a Live Person assist them).
Click the CodeRED button to the left on this page and fill out the form by following all of the onscreen instructions on each page.
(This option is for more advanced computer users).

  • Be sure to select your cell phone provider in the drop-down menu if you want texts, and click +Add Email if you want emails. Text and Email are the only way to get Wintery Weather alerts as of this post and you can choose to have both voice calls and texts or just texts. More phones can be added with +Add Phone.
  • Create a Managed Account if you want a password-secured account that you can alter your information in in the future (helpful for after a move or if you get a new phone number). Creating a Managed Account is entirely optional.
  • Be sure to read the Privacy and Terms of Service section and be sure to double-check that the map marker rests on your submitted address before launching a "Test Call" as this is how your location relative to the NWS polygon is determined.
  • (You may have to pass a "Captcha" anti-spam security screen).
  • Once the Test Call reads "Call Initiated" click Continue one last time and be certain to read through the final page before Exiting.

How CodeRED works:
When the National Weather Service issues a Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado, Flash Flood, or Wintery Weather "Warning" they also draw a polygon predicting the storm's path.
If your address is determined to be in that polygon, the phone number(s) and/or email you have registered will be notified.
The database of addresses within that polygon's area will cycle through 3 complete times (if it doesn't get an answer the first time it will try twice more).
If there is an answering machine or voice message box, it will leave a message provided the power or service to the device is not out.

If you move or you change your phone number(s) you will need to re-enroll or change the information in your Managed Account (if you created one) to reflect your current information. There is no other way for CodeRED to know that you have moved or changed numbers.
Remember to keep your Managed Account User Name and Password confidential and secure.

No one should ever ask you for any kind of payment for CodeRED, so you should NEVER pay anyone anything or share any financial information of any kind.

Protect your Personal Information and Identity. NO ONE from CodeRED or Van Buren County will pre-emptively contact you about CodeRED and request your personal details by phone, letter, text, email, or social media, etc.