VBC County Clerk

Special Notice: All Elected Officials and School Board Members will need to fill out and turn in a Statement of Financial Interest (found on this page) to the Van Buren County Clerk's Voter Registration Office, Vicki Jones, by January 31, 2018.
Note: Mayors and City Council will need to turn theirs in to the City Clerk.

2018 Party Filing Fees

Van Buren County Clerk: Pam Bradford

Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Voter Registration               Marriage Licences                Bulletins & Notices

County Clerk's Office Staff:
Accounts Payable/Payroll: Tonya Bonds (Administrative Assistant)
Voter Registration: Vicki Jones (Chief Deputy)
Marriage Licenses: Amanda Mitchell

Other Duties and Responsibilities of the County Clerk:
-School Transfers are to be filed with the County Clerk
-Issues "Doing Business Under an Assumed Name" Certificates
-Records Minister's Credentials
-Records Quorum Court Proceedings
-Functions as the Equalization Board Secretary

Printable Forms:
DBA Certificate (The certificate and fee may be presented in-person or mailed)
Officials Oath of Office
Officials Statement of Financial Interest
Covenant Marriage Form

Fees (per each):
Marriage Licenses - $60 USD
Certified Copies - $5  USD
Copies - 50¢ USD
Assumed Business Names (DBA) - $25 USD
Minister & Professional Credentials - $5 USD
Voter List (paper copy) - 2¢ per name
Voter Disk - $30 USD
County Court File - $30 USD

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