VBC Voter Registration

"Remember to always Update your Voter Registration Information after a change of address or name!"

Special Election for Senate District 16
Early voting begins March 6th-12th at the County Clerk's Voter Registration office in the Courthouse Annex.
Election Day is March 13th at your designated polling site for Senate District 16.
Townships: Holly Mountain, Craig, Mountain, Linn Creek, Union, Washington, and Wheeler.
Robert (Bob) Bailey (R)
Breanne Davis (R)

2018 Elections
December 1, 2017
(90 days prior to the dealine of March 1, 2018)
is the first day to file as an Independent Candidate for 2018.
-Arkansas Code Annnotated § 7-7-103(b)(3)(B)

Special Notice: All Elected Officials and School Board Members will need to fill out and turn in a Statement of Financial Interest (found on this page) to the Van Buren County Clerk's Voter Registration Office, Vicki Jones, by January 31, 2018.
Note: Mayors and City Council will need to turn theirs in to the City Clerk.

For questions, information, and assistance regarding registration (registering to vote/filing as a canidate,etc.), active duty service member voting, early voting, and voter districts, etc.:
Please Visit - 1414 Highway 65 S, Suite 131, Clinton, AR 72031
Call - (501) 745-8683 (VOTE)
Fax - (501) 745-6836 
Email - vanburenclerk@arkansasclerks.com

Printable Arkansas Voter Registration Application (to be mailed to 1414 Highway 65 S, Suite 131, Clinton, AR 72031)
Printable Candidate Forms
View Sample Ballot at: www.voterview.ar-nova.org
Election Information (Military, absentee,election night results, research, and more)
School Board Elections (A.C.A. 66-14-111, 7-6-102)
2018 Party Filing Fees
HB1207 Requirements for Campaign Signs & Materials

Visit the office for voting district maps or check here:
Van Buren County Voter District Map
Van Buren County Senate District Map
Van Buren County House of Representatives District Map
Van Buren County JP (Justice of the Peace) District Map
Van Buren County Townships District Map
Van Buren County School Districts Map
Van Buren County Fire District Map